Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kicking off December by Kicking Butt

Glenn and I love the amazing race so we signed up for Funk~N~Impossible Mission - a mix between a scavenger hunt and the amazing race. We had a blast! We got clues via Facebook and then had to figure out the clue and then race to the location outlined in the clue. We could complete missions like pretending to run into an invisible wall or starting a flash mob or doing a Michael Jackson dance to get time off the clock. We did all the missions and ran a pretty good time - so much so we got SECOND PLACE!! 

After the race, we went to Cassis in downtown St Pete for Lunch. 

The food and service was fantastic. Then we went to Rapp Brewing - a brewery we have been wanting to try. 

We were so impressed! 

Sunday, we work on things around the house and watched football. Overall - a great weekend. 

Thanksgiving! Christmas! Birthdays!

I headed up to Indiana the Sunday before Christmas because my grandmother was in the hospital and I wanted to hang out with my mom while she kept watch at the bedside. 

(Side tangent - It's really incredible how health care works. The doctors, nurses and techs counted on my mom being there as the coordinator of care. She had to update each doctor on what the other doctor said and then update the nurses as well. We joked that we would demand that everyone get together in one room at the same time and we were locking the door until they spoke to each other. It's pretty crazy.) 

Anyway - Glenn flew up Wednesday night. My mom took the early shift Thursday morning so we could hang out with our niece and nephew. It was really fun. 

I took the afternoon shift and we had a nice dinner of ham, risotto and green beans. 

Friday, we moved my Grandma to rehab. Saturday we got to have "First Christmas". Glenn and I won't be going back to Indiana for Christmas so we got to celebrate. My mom bought my niece a Frozen microphone and the highlight of the way was definitely watching her sing the Frozen soundtrack - especially at the end when she re-enacted the Do You Want to Build a Snowman so realistically we thought she was actually crying. 

On Sunday we had a laid back Christmas morning. It was a great visit!! 

November: The Pre-Holiday Highlights

November was a lot of fun. Both Glenn's brother and sister were in Orlando in the first part of the month so we got the chance to drive over and share a meal with them. 


Of course, anytime we go to Orlando - we usually stop at Two Henrys Brewery on the way home. 

We spent one Saturday at the India Festival in Tampa. Glenn spent 6 weeks in India in 2010 for work so it was fun for him to see a little bit of that culture. Plus the food was really really good. 

Most of our Sundays were spent on the couch watching football. 

We got up bright and early one Saturday to run/walk the Busch Gardens 5K. It was a great race! Lots of animals along the route plus a flamingo at the finish line. We ran intervals so I really pushed myself. 

October: Big Changes

October was a really pivotal month for us. I had my last day at my union job - 10.10.14.

 It was really difficult to say goodbye. Knowing I could keep up with my co-workers eased the transition, but I was still sad to go. I decided to pursue my travel business full time. When I think about the future -I want to be able to work from anywhere. The things I love to do: help people, problem solve, help people figure out what they really want, and travel just happen to all come together into a profession where I can work from home.  I was astounded that as I told people of my plan - the response was incredibly positive, very supportive and more than once someone said, You are living the dream. I really am and I am grateful. 

The weekend of the 11th we signed up for a University of Chicago lecture series on the environment, communication and cannabis. All three lectures were really interesting and we met some really nice people. We also had a ton of fun playing Cards Against Humanity at our friend Cindy's house. 

The week of the 12th - Laurel and I scouted the Tampa Bay Bridal Show so I could pick up some tips on my presentation. Then later in the week, I went on my first travel agent trip to visit Sandals Emerald Bay, Beaches Turks and Caicos, and Sandals La Source. I learned so much about these great resorts and made some wonderful new travel agent friends. 

The rest of the month we just relaxed until Marisa and Bob's wedding! My parents were also invited so we had a wonderful weekend celebrating the happy couple. The wedding was perfect and the reception was a blast. 

 Prior to the wedding, we were able to sneak in a little visit to the Museum of Science and Industry. The Behind the Scenes tour was really well done. 

On the way back to the airport, we had a great brunch with Jon and Jackie at our new favorite spot - Au Cheval and then we made a stop at the Lagunitas Tap Room