Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 6th - September 8th - A Wedding and More Chicago Adventures

I have been very lucky in my life to have made some incredible lifelong friends. Friends from my Valpo days and friends from my days in Chicago are truly the greatest group of people I know and I am blessed to have them in my life. It's even more exciting that four of them are getting married this year. Jon's wedding was in August and Erin's was this weekend. This time I was a bridesmaid!!

It also turned out that my cousins were in Chicago for the weekend. After going to Erin's for a great open house: 

We headed to Frasca for a great dinner! 

My cousin really knows how to ride a unicorn! 

I always knew I belonged in the circus! 

Sunday was a gorgeous day for a wedding. The ceremony was incredible, touching, and person. The setting was the courtyard at the City Winery. It was a lovely day and it was so great to spend time with our people! 

Glenn and I managed to sneak in a trip to the Girl and The Goat. The food was incredible!! 

On Monday, we took some time to explore my old neighborhood. We had breakfast at Nookies, explored the Chicago History Museum and then headed back down to the West Loop for a fantastic lunch at Au Cheval. Then we had a quick drink at Pearl on the River before heading back to the airport. Overall, a wonderful weekend! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

August 29th - Labor Day Weekend in Minneapolis

It's State Fair time!! For Labor Day this year we headed up to Minneapolis to visit our dear friends and check out the MN State Fair. Seeing the butter room was at the top of my list! We had an incredible time at the state fair. Armed with a spreadsheet highlight the "must eats", we ate our way from end to the other. We also were part of a record breaking attendance day!! 
We started the day with mini donuts. They were hot, crispy and just the right amount of sweet! 

Our lovely hosts eating the worst item of the day: Pizza tator tots 

I got my personality analyzed. It was spot on! 

Andrew Zimmer was correct about the Gizmo - it's any amazing sandwich featuring ground beef and Italian beef and cheese. 

We tried the S'mores Beer. Basically a sweet porter with a graham cracker crust and marshmallow garnish. 

We loved the craft beer pavilion. You could choose from one of 6 flights. 


You just can't beat Midwestern corn on the cob dumped in a bucket of butter. 

This sandwich was amazing!!! 

Just a little crowded. 

We were so impressed with the vendors. Even though the fair was very crowded, they moved people through that line so quickly!

We rounded out the weekend with some time on the boat, time at the beach and a great game of Monopoly! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 23rd - Creative Loafing Beer Fest

This weekend was the Creative Loafing Beer Fest at the Museum of Science in Tampa. 

We both love the new Smoke trend in beers.  This beer fest is a favorite for us since it features an entire room of local craft breweries! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 16th - 17th Universal Studios

We finally headed over to Universal Studios to check out the new Diagon Alley at Universal Studios.  I have to say - I was very impressed. I really appreciate Universal Studios' ability to create incredible lands that really embrace a theme. The detail is really incredible. 

We also had a lot of fun heading to our favorite areas of the Park. Glenn tried out the Dudley DoRight Falls. 

This trip we stayed at Loews Portofino. We loved it!! It is the cutest resort. 

We love being on property plus when you stay you get the Fast Pass that gets you to the head of the line. We took advantage of being close to hang out at the Piano Bar at Pat O'Briens. 

Sunday - we had a wonderful day at the pool. The service, food and drinks were fantastic!! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

August 9th - 10th Chicago and a wedding

We headed back to Chicago this weekend for a wedding. We took advantage of the trip to spend time with four of our dear friends. We had to start the day with a coffee and maple bacon donut. 

Then we headed to nana for brunch. I loved their bloody mary! 

Then we drove over the Northwest Indiana for our friends' wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony at Gama Ristorante. 

The bride and groom had a different growler of draft craft beer at each table. It was so fun to walk around and try all the beer. The food was amazing! 

Sunday we took the bride and groom to the airport. Then we headed over to Palatine to have lunch with a couple of our friends. We tried the Tap House Grill. It was great!! The food was really good. It was so much fun to catch up! 

August 1st Weekend: Exploring Wisconsin

This weekend, I headed up to Chicago for a friend's bachelorette party while Glenn explored Tampa. He discovered a great new barbecue restaurant and enjoyed a fun day at Busch Gardens. 

The girls and I headed up to New Glarus, Wisconsin. The highlights were enjoying the New Glarus Brewery and an awesome hair band playing at the fire station. We had a fantastic time! 

The musical entertainment at New Glarus 

I just love a good hair band. 

July 26th: Robots!

This Saturday, my friend Laurel and I headed over to the local Science museum and took a training course on a 3D printer. It was really interesting. The entire time I referenced the Grey's Anatomy episodes and how hard it must be to 3D print a liver. I didn't have the best 3D designing skills so my design didn't print. 

On Sunday, Glenn and I headed to the historic Tampa Theatre to watch Blazing Saddles. I had never seen it. A USF professor gave a brief talk after ward about all the classic Western films that the film references. 

We are so lucky to have such a great historic theater nearby.