Sunday, June 3, 2018

5.31.18 Speakeasy and the Indy Zoo

We headed back to Indianapolis to attend a fundraiser my cousin organized. We got a bonus visit to the Indy Zoo. Glenn hurt his back so we rented a scooter. The funniest part of the day was when he tried to race a cheetah. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

5.24.18 Carnival Horizon

We headed to New York to board the brand new Carnival Horizon. Glenn spent the morning working while I explored New York. I tried to get into the Today Show plaza (FAIL) and then hung out in Central Park. 

Then we boarded the Carnival Horizon. The ship is great!!! Some of the highlights from the ship were:

Sunday, May 20, 2018

5.20.18 Lunch with Laurie and Kate

We met Laurie and Kate at Disney Springs. We had fun day eating HUGE lobsters at Boathouse and showing Laurie the VOID Star Wars experience. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

5.11.18 Mother's Day

We headed to Indianapolis for Mother's Day. Saturday, the  "girls" went to the Princess Ball. It was a fun event in a hotel ballroom. Lots of meet and greets, a craft and songs. Saturday night, my brother-in-law made dinner for everyone. Sunday, we had a brunch at my parents' house. Lots of fun all round!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

4.21.18 Hurtigruten Cruise on MS Fram with Bethany

I was offered a chance to take a Canada/New England cruise with Hurtigruten on the MS Fram. Since Glenn had to work, my college roommate Bethany stepped up to the plate to join me on the journey. 

The highlight was definitely our time in port. We arrived a day early to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our tour guide, Jay White, picked us up at the airport and we headed off toward the Bay of Fundy. We visited Grand Pre and a winery along the way. The big deal about the Bay of Fundy is the tides. The tide has reached a 55 feet differential in some places. Whole harbors go dry at low tide. 

That night we had dinner at a restaurant close by - Salty's where we had an incredible lobster chowder. Bethany pulled out a whole lobster tail from her bowl at one point. 

Sunday, we got up and headed to the Citadel. It was closed for the season, but the ground were open for a walk around. 

Then we headed down to the beautiful waterfront for a walk, terrific crepes at the Farmer's Market, a beer sampling and a stop at the Maritime Museum on our way to back to the hotel. Oh! And Bethany left a trail of sprinkles all over the market from her dessert. But it was okay because, in her words, "Sprinkles make people happy." 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hurtigruten MS Fram Review

In April 2018, I sailed on the Hurtigruten MS Fram through Canada and New England learning all about expedition cruising. A huge thank you to Hurtigruten for hosting me.

So.. what's different about expedition cruising? That's easy: Everything! I don't think they should call it cruising. They should call it expeditions by sea. Cruises make people think of huge ships. This is a true adventure experience.

The focus of these expeditions is getting you into nature as much as possible. The classic itineraries are Antarctica and the Arctic. Your days are spent taking small zodiac boats to land on the ice and snow and explore. Or you can pay a little extra to take out kayaks or an ice safari. It's incredible.

I knew the cruise would be different when we met the TEN members of the expedition team. That's basically 1 expedition team member for every 20 - 30 passengers. They each have their own expertise: biology, birds, history, or leading novices safely through the great oceans of the world. 

The ship makes a very comfortable base camp. Below is a full ship tour. It's about 20 minutes long because I show you everything. If you'd like to see my shorter daily diary videos, head over the Trips with Angie YouTube channel.

If this sounds like a perfect trip to you, I have some great savings available if you book by May 30,2018:
  • 25% off the October 8th Fall Foliage cruise of New England - This would be a great way to have a less intense expedition to see how you like it.  
  • Save up to 20% per person on all three June departures of The Complete Spitsbergen Expedition - This is a must do if seeing a polar bear in the wild is on your list.
  • Save up to 20% per person on both of our July and August departures of Midnight Sun Exploration of Greenland - Are you ready to explore the land of the Midnight sun?
  • Save up to 10% per person on our September 2018 departure of The Northwest Passage - In the Wake of Great Explorers - Eastbound This journey is for the true explorer ready to follow the footsteps and hardships of early explorers. 
  • Save up to 20% per person on our September 2018 departure of Discovering the Untouched Beauty of Greenland and Arctic Canada - This journey includes Newfoundland in addition to Greenland.

Friday, April 6, 2018

3.28.18 Universal Studios and Spring Break with the Dircks family

We love visitors!! The Dircks family decided to spend their Spring Break with us. We spent two days at Universal Studios and then 4 days at our house. 

Tuesday night, we drove over after work. We stayed at the Residence Inn near Universal Studios. It was brand new - only opened the week before. We googled restaurants nearby and found a well-reviewed Indian restaurant (Tabla Restaurant) in a Clarion Suites lobby. It was fantastic!! The manager came over to explain a dish we ordered, but weren't sure what to eat. We'll definitely be back. 

Wednesday morning, we met at Portofino bright and early and hit the Parks. It was a fun day. We had lunch at Toothsome - my favorite Super Foods salad. Then we headed back to the Parks. Leo, Amy and Rob headed back to the resort to rest. Julia, Glenn and I stayed for our alien adventures. We went on Men in Black, the alien saucers and had ice cream. Then,  we headed back to Portofino for swimming and dinner. We had terrible service at the front desk, trying to get drinks, and trying to get water and order at dinner. It became comical. Like we were in some sort of weird game show. We ended up having fun playing cards by the pool while Julia swam and performed shows in the pool.

Thursday, we took a later start - about 10 am. We had a great day riding the rides. We had a great spot for the Mardi Gras parade. Glenn and I drove home.  Friday, the Dircks enjoyed Volcano Bay and a little more time at Islands of Adventure. It gave us time to clean. 

Saturday, the kids loved the pool. We escaped from an Escape Room. Amy and Rob had a date while us and the kids went grocery shopping and went swimming. Sunday, we had a great egg hunt. Then, we made an epic pancake bar. Blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries, and syrup. Plus bacon and eggs. We all enjoyed pool time. We also spent a lot of time playing Rock Band. Leo was great on the drums. Julia sang and played guitar.